The champion returned on the first place

Erovnuli Liga 4th round central match was held at Dinamo Arena. FC Dinamo Tbilisi hosted FC Locomotive. Giorgi Kimadze’s and Giorgi Kutsia’s combination was followed by the first dangerous moment on 15th minute. Kutsia’s kick was followed by the corner kick. In several minutes Kutsia passed several rivals technically and finally missed the target. After that Pernambuco played well and Davit Ubilava stopped him in the penalty area. Dinamo’s priority was followed by another attack. Sherozia repelled Pernambuco’s kick and Tornike Kapanadze missed the target. After that Pernambuco couldn’t score.  On 40th minute Roin Kvaskhvadze saved his team. On 42nd minute Ubilava received the second yellow card and left the field. The first half finished. The second half started with Dinamo’s active game. Anzor Mekvabishvili was finishing Irakli Bughridze’s attack, but goalkeeper played well. Finally Kobouri scored the first goal. After that Pernambuco kicked from the long distance but missed the target.  On 72nd minute Dinamo scored the second goal. Tornike Kapanadze was stopped and penalty was appointed, that was exactly performed by himself. I seven minutes Tornike Kirkitadze scored auto goal as a result of Pernambuco’s active game-3:0. After that Arfang Daffe missed a real chance to score. On the last minute of the match Pernambuco recorded the final result of the match. Finally our team moved to the first place with this victory. Kakha Chkhetiani’s team will play the next match on July 12 in Kutaisi.


Dinamo  4-0  Locomotive


Goal: 1-0 Kobouri 61’  2-0 Kapanadze (pen) 72’  3-0 T. Kirkitadze (a.g.)  4-0 Pernambuco 90’   

Booked: Ubilava 23’  Trubochkin 25’  Ubilava 42’

Sent off: Ubilava 42’


Dinamo: Kvaskhvadze, Trubochkin, Lochoshvili, Kobouri, Kimadze, Mekvabishvili (Daffe 78), Papava, Bughridze (Kavtaradze 60), Pernambuco, Kutsia, T. Kapanadze

Locomotive: Sherozia, Gureshidze, Tchanturia, Shonia, Samurkasov (Arveladze 73), D. Kirkitadze (T. Kirkitadze), Gabadze, Kobakhidze (Ts. Kapanadze 45), Dzebniauri, Ubilava, Sikharulidze


Referee: G. Kikacheishvili

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