Levan Mtchedlidze’s presentation at Dinamo Arena

Presentation of a new footballer-Leva Mtchedlidze took place at Dinamo Arena. President of Dinamo Tbilisi Roman Pipia and general director Zaza Dolidze presented the footballers to journalists and supporters.

Zaza Dolidze: We are very glad by Levan Mtchedlidze’s transfer. We both needed each other. The contract is signed according to 1+1 system. Our goal is to win championship and we promise Dinamo Tbilisi will return happiness in Georgian football.

Levan Mtchedlidze: I want to thank everyone who worked on this transfer. I haven’t thought much on making this decision. I will do my best for the club. I am in a good physical condition but I haven’t trained for two weeks. I will do my best to become champions. My family played a big role in decision making process. For me this is a stimulus. I do everything to achieve success and not for only being in Georgia. I made decision in a day. My father played a big role in my transfer. I will lie if I say that I was much involved in national championship. I watched several matches and the champion interested me. I plan to become champion and return to national team as well.

Roman Pipia:  This is a big step to championship. Our goal is to become champion and the strongest team will win. Winter transfer window will give us chance to strain our steps. I think Levan’s transfer will encourage Georgian footballers and we will receive them as well if we agree. We want to play on Euro Arena group stage.

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