Roman Pipia: This victory will be the beginning of a great turnaround! .. I think Belgian doctors delayed Chakvetadze's surgery

Public interest in FC Dinamo Tbilisi has always been great, especially now when the current champion of Georgia will represent our country at Europe's leading club tournament next summer ...

Besides , Dinamo will have to fight for the title of Georgian champion. Much has changed in the team since last season. Kakha Chkhetiania is now at the helm of the coaching staff. There are many new footballers in the team, including legionaries.

Obviously, there is much to speak about after the preparatory stage and before the start of the championship. Lelo recorded an exclusive interview with the president of FC Dinamo Tbilisi Roman Pipia. We think fans will be very interested in this conversation ...

- Mr. Roman, let's start with the theme of Xisco. You mentioned that you didn't want to release him, but you had no other way ...

- Most people will probably agree that Xisco has left a good trace not only in Dinamo but in the whole Georgian football. It's probably difficult to find someone who disliked Xisco as a player and as a person. However, I will say that I had no chance of making any other decision! If not a license issue, Xisco would continue to work for Dinamo. We've been waiting a long time, all year ...

- ... and you stopped choice on Kakha Chkhetiani. Why are you taking this step?

- Kakha is a distinguished specialist in modern Georgian football. I was watching his work in FC Torpedo Kutaisi and I didn't find any argument that I could oppose. He is stable and a true professional in his work. The discipline has a high level of relationship with the players and friendly relations. So I didn't really make that choice by accident.

I should ask to assess the camp in Turkey. Of course, analyzing the nuances of football is more of a coach's prerogative, but we would be happy to hear a general assessment from the club president ...

- As for the camp, I attended the match with Dynamo Kiev. Currently we have 22-24 full-time players in our team. The camp has its rules. Kakha Chkhetiani did not have the luxury of playing with one line-up. The same happened with FC Dynamo Kiev, when many players were replaced. Because of this, we did not get the ideal result, although the result is less important on the camp. I am completely satisfied. Let's not forget that some of the players got injured, some got sick ... the coach will speak better about the nuances ...

- Of course, the team is already staffed, but is it possible to make " point" reinforcement?

- Frankly speaking, this is not really a closed topic. We have enough players in the team to make it worthwhile to join the Georgian Championship, but there are some problems in the attack line. We should take into consideration the traumas of Levan Mtchedlidze and Kwame Karikari. Because of this, Kakha Chkhetiani has to make changes in the front line. Brazilian Pernambuco can play in the attack, he has experience. He's a professional of his job ... In general, I'm happy with the team's recruiting. I think one of the best deals is central defender Simon Gbegnon. We did our best to form long-term contracts with the players ... I will go back to the forward theme again. I very much hope that Mchedlidze and Karikari will play, but if they don't, then we'll have to think of another option.

- We know that you are doing a lot to preserve Akaki Shulaia. What is going on with this ?

- It can be considered that this issue is resolved. He is the player needed for "Dinamo" and I hope he will play at the level he has the resources to succeed.

- Can we suppose that Shulaia remains in " Dinamo"?

- Yes, so it is.

FC Dinamo Tbilisi lost with FC Saburtalo at Mikheil Meskhi reserve stadium on Georgian Super Cup. The loss is never pleasant, but it is the beginning of the season and everything is ahead. I wonder what emotions did the match with FC Saburtalo leave you? Or the environment in which the game took place?

- I can't say I liked my team's game. We couldn't play. Congratulations to FC Saburtalo on this victory! We will play Super Cup next year too ... As for the environment. At the executive committee meeting, I came up with the proposal that champion should host the Super Cup next year. In principle, all my colleagues agree and we will discuss this issue at the next executive committee. It doesn't matter whether we will be the champion or not, the champion will choose the stadium. We have "Dinamo Arena", "Mikheil Meskhi", Gori Stadium, "Torpedo" Stadium, New Arena in Batumi ... If "Dinamo" or others have stadium, why not use it? Yes, the stands may not be filled, but 5-10 thousand spectators may come. Interest is gradually increasing. Both teams had fans on the stadium. Super Cup should take place where the audience feels comfortable.

- In the summer " Dinamo" will compete on the Champions League . What kind of  Dinamo do you imagine at the main European club tournament?

- We will be more confident on Champions League this year than on the Europa League last year. We have to be more prepared and I believe in it. For this reason, everything is done.

- It is a fact that in almost every club of the Georgian Championship there are legionaries with not so bad career. What do you expect how would be the championship?

- In my opinion, this will be one of the best championships in recent years, they have been strengthened - "Saburtalo", "Dinamo" Batumi, "Locomotive", "Dila" ... as well as the teams that will be transferred and the game won’t be easy for anyone.

- It is a fact that a great deal has been done with the establishment of Vitaly Daraselia Dinamo Football Academy. Most of the members of the Georgian National Team are from your academy, the Academy educators play in the national team as well. In addition, Vitali Daraselia International Tournament established its place ...

- As for Vitali Daraselia tournament, agreement has already been reached with the teams and we have already spread the information. This tournament will be held for the fifth time ... I'll tell you that, for example, Bayern's visit was very real, but this time due to overcrowded calendar they couldn't arrive, but we were told that they would invite us next year. Very interesting teams will arrive this year, including Milan. Unfortunately, we refuse many teams. The Academy is functioning and I want to tell you that there is a lot of talent there. I must stress the well-organized work of the heads of the Academy, the coaches, and all the staff. Daraselia tournament brought us many players - Giorgi Chakvetadze, Levan Kharabadze ... If we follow today's schedule - Gagnidze, Abuashvili, Azarov and many more. By the way, Azarov will play in the first team ...

- It 's no secret that Georgian clubs find it difficult to keep leading players. Nika Ninua had some good offers but he stayed in Dinamo...

- He has great parents and I want to thank them! .. Ninua has a great future. He can still grow in Dinamo. When it comes time to leave, whether it's summer or the end of the year, we'll see it together. It is very good when a player values ​​the club's pride. This is what touches my heart.

- How satisfied are you with Giorgi Chakvetadze's career ?

- In my opinion, Belgian doctors have delayed the operation and that is why George missed so much time. If they believed Georgian doctors, Giorgi would be ready sooner. I hope he will play great football. He has all the features for it. He is modest, balanced, professional ... I also believe that on March 26, together with the Georgian team, he will cheer Georgians.

I should as you as a businessman. There is no victory in Georgian football today. Ticket sales are lawThere is little icome from television broadcasts  - What makes you to stay in Georgian football?

- At the beginning, when I established the academy, many laughed, and now this is a popular topic. I have heard a lot of uncomfortable expressions even at my address ... I will tell you briefly - I love football!

The whole Georgia is looking forward to March 26. What are your personal expectations? Most of the team is staffed by footballers who played in Dinamo at different times ...

- This is a moment when every player has to put everything on the side, everything is thrown away ... There is nothing to lose. No one should allow this to happen to themselves! I understand football is everything. Well, FC Real has lost with FC City, but this is not a tragedy for FC Real. This is one part of its club life. We are in a different situation. This match, this victory will be the beginning of a great turnaround in Georgian football, and this chance cannot be missed. I have great respect for the Belarusian team, but this is not the opponent we cannot defeat!..


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