Dinamo Cup stayed in Dinamo

Dinamo Cup 2021 finished with the triumph of Dinamo team. Riga took the second place, Vilnius Ateitis took the third place, and Gabala took the fourth place.


The final match against Riga developed into a dramatic scenario. The whole match was played with a big game advantage of Dinamo, however, the Latvians were ahead with Putrans’s double. During the 5 minutes compensated by the referee, Tbilisi managed to save the final with the goals of Luka Bubuteishvili and Vakho Salia. In the post-match penalty shootout, Dinamo goalkeeper Mate Sauri looked great, he managed to repel three of the five penalties and Dinamo won 3-2. In the match for the third place, Vilnius Ateitis defeated Gabala 3-2.

The organizers also awarded the outstanding players of the tournament.

Best Goalkeeper - Mate Sauri (Dinamo)

Best Defender - Mantas Yakimavichus (Ateitis)

Best Midfielder - Gadir Ramazanov (Gabala)

The best striker - Aram Baghdasaryan (Gabala)

Best Player - Lekso Peikrishvili (Dinamo)


Luka Khelashvili, Mate Sauri, Dato Keldishvili, Giorgi Meparishvili, Giorgi Khupenia, Nika Bendianishvili, Soso Mestiashvili, Rati Grigalava, Gigi Gabriadze, Lekso Peikrishvili, Luka Shashiashvili, Luka Bubuteishvili, Vakhtang Salia, Beka Burdiashvili, Tsotne Berelidze, Luka Bukhrashvili, Mikheil Sajaia, Lasha Patarkatsishvili, Temur Odikadze, Alexander Turkia and Levan Nachkebia played in our team. Instead of the head coach Vasil Geguchadze, who was in isolation, the team was presented on the tournament by the second coach - Zura Eliava.

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