The first comments from Dinamo

Before the Play-off Round matches Dinamo is making some comments.


Aleksandre Koshkadze – We started Europa League matches with great success, so we have to finish it the same way and we have to reach the group stage. Now it’s time for Dinamo to get becoming place in Europe. We can defeat our opponent. Each Player thinks about going through the Play-off round and not only about the match.


Giorgi Loria – As I know, Greeks have a really good players, like Gudjohnsen, Diop , etc. We have a serious opponent and these matches will be a really good ones.  We have scored the most goals in UEFA Europa League matches and we can really win. We are not afraid of anyone and we have chances to get the group stage.


Nika Kvekveskiri – There was possibility to have a stronger opponent or rather weaker one. We will have a difficult matches. But Dinamo will do it’s best  and we suppose, together with our supporters we will get the group stage.  


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