Dinamo presented Gia Geguchadze

Today president of our club Mr. Roman Pipia presented new head coach of FC Dinamo Tbilisi Gia Geguchadze at Dinamo Arena Conference Hall.

Roman Pipia: I greet you all and want to present new head coach of FC Dinamo Tbilisi. Gia Geguchadze worked in Dinamo 10 years ago and now I think came time when Geguchadze should return. The only thing team needs is progress and stabilization. I am sure stabilization will come together with Geguchadze. We have young and talented footballers in the team-this generation must glad our supporters. As for foreigner footballers the head coach will decide whether they will be in the team or not. The main thing is to reduce mistakes. Dinamo will fight for every trophy in Georgia. Our goal is to create good and motivated team. Progress and stabilization are the most important for us. I wish success to Gia Geguchadze.

Gia Geguchadze: I greet you all thank you for coming. Thanks to Mr. Roman Pipia and club management. Being here is great confidence and honor for me. I want to thank Dinamo’s supporters and coach staff that worked before us. I will try to do my best in Dinamo. I present the current coach staff - Gia Jishkariani-senior of the team, Guram Aspindzelashvili-assistant of head coach, Dato Janelidze-goalkeeper coach. Physical coach, physician, masseurs and administration will stay unchanged. Talented generation has gathered in Dinamo and our goal is to win all trophies in Georgia. We have very little time as the matches on Euro arena are planned in a month and a half.



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