The fifth test match in Turkey

Today, Dinamo Tbilisi played the fifth test match at the Turkish camp. Our team was rivaled by Uzbek Dinamo Samarqand.


The opponent started the match actively and on the 10th minute Vladimir Kozak opened the score. Tbilisi residents had several scoring opportunities in the first half, but Davit Gotsiridze and Jaduli Iobashvili failed to use the chances. In the second half, if we do not count the opponent's counterattack and Mate Sauri's convincing game, the main playing and territorial advantage was on the side of Tbilisi team. After Temo Gognadze's pass, Davit Gotsiridze had a good position, but his header slightly missed the goal. After that, Jaduli Iobashvili played hard and his shot missed the goal. Oscar Santis' activity and strong shot was saved by the goalkeeper. Vakho Salia could also score a goal towards the end of the match, but he could not make a successful shot.


Andres Carrasco's team will hold the next and last sparring match on February 19 against Moldavian CSF Bălți. It’s also worth mentioning, that Jesse Akila, who was on trial tests, left the team.


Dinamo Tbilisi 0-1 Dinamo Samarqand


Dinamo Tbilisi: Beruashvili, Salukvadze, Ugrekhelidze, Gognadze, Sunday, Lominadze, Shukurov, Iobashvili, Kverenchkhiladze, Salia, Gotsiridze

Substitutes: Sauri, Osikmashvili, Maisuradze, Romanovski, Akpudje, Santis, Simon, Sikharulashvili


Dinamo Samarqand: Yagudin, Sokol, Miichi, Abdumajidov, Kozak, Francesco, Shoakhmedov, Khalilov, Narx, Ikromov, Kojo




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