Dinamo beat Valmiera 2-0

Today Dinamo played the third test match in Turkey, in which they faced Latvian Valmiera FC.


It should be noted from the beginning that the Tbilisi players had the advantage from the begining of the match to the end. Even before the start of the match, the teams honored the memory of Vazha Azarashvili and those tragically injured with a moment of silence. The capital city attacked from the beginning and opened the score after several unsuccessful attempts. The young forward of our team, Vakho Salia, stood out with an accurate shot in the middle of the half. In a little while Jesse Akila was able to put Dinamo forward with two balls, he penetrated well into the penalty area, but he could not beat the goalkeeper. In the center of the field, the duo of Dominic Simon and Levan Osikmashvili looked quite good and did not allow the opponent to make a dangerous attack. In the second half, we also saw substitutions in Dinamo. At one point, Valmiera made a sharp attack, but the dangerous shot was blocked by Mate Sauri at the corner. The dangerous attacks of Davit Skhirtladze, Jaduli Iobashvili and Oscar Santis should be noted, the latter also hit the post. Finally, with a transfer from Guatemalan, towards the end of the match, Davit Skhirtladze took the goal of Latvians for the second time and the match ended 2-0.


Andres Carrasco's team will rest on February 9 and 10, and the second stage of the Turkish camp will begin on February 11. On February 13, Dinamo Tbilisi will meet Dinamo Kyiv.


Dinamo 2-0 Valmiera


Dinamo: Beruashvili, Kalandadze, Akpuje, Maisuradze, Lopez, Osikmashvili, Romanovskis, Simon, Lomtadze, Salia, Akila

Substitutes: Sauri, Haruna, Gognadze, Salukvadze, Ugrekhelidze, Aptsiauri, Sikharulashvili, Santis, Iobashvili, Skhirtladze


Valmiera: Olses, Balodis, Sliede, Veips, Tonisevs, Birka, Varslavans, Vapne, Gaye, Ndoye, Gueye




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