Revaz Chelebadze - 66

Today is the birthday of Dinamo’s veteran footballer, outstanding forward - Revaz Chelebadze. Revaz Chelebadze was born in Kobuleti in 1955. He played in Dinamo Tbilisi in 1976–1982 and 1986–1987 years. He scored 87 goals in 231 matches during playing in Dinamo. He is the champion of 1978 year Soviet championship. In 1977 he became the silver medal owner and in spring and autumn of 1976 he became prizeman for 2 times. In 1977 he was named as the second best footballer among 33 players. Revaz Chelebadze scored 3 goals in 9 matches in Soviet team.

FC Dinamo Tbilisi congratulates Revaz Chelebadze on the birthday and wishes health and longevity.

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