Kakha Tskhadadze has extended his contract with Dinamo Tbilisi until 2023

A new agreement has been reached between FC Dinamo Tbilisi and the head coach of the team Kakha Tskhadadze, according to which the 53-year-old specialist will work in Dinamo Tbilisi until 2023.

On September 13, Roman Pipia, the president of the club, held a press conference at Dinamo Tbilisi training ground, where he spoke together with the new head of the club's sports department, Aleksandre Rekhviashvili, and the head coach, Kakha Tskhadadze.

Our club will have a new head of sports direction - Aleksander Rekhviashvili. Together with him, we reached an agreement with Kakha Tskhadadze, who has extended his contract with Dinamo Tbilisi and will be the head coach of our team at least until 2023. I can directly say that since I am in Dinamo, the sports director and head coach of such qualification and rank, has not been in this team at the same time.


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