Dinamo - Samgurali | Before the match

The 33rd national championship first round match will be held between FC Dinamo Tbilisi and FC Samgurali. The match at Dinamo Arena will start at 18:00.


Our rival

Tskaltubo Samgurali was founded in 1945. At first the team competed under the name of Mediki, and then until the end of the eighties it was called Shardrevani (The Fountain). Samgurali club colors are green and orange. The team plays its home matches at May 26 Tskaltubo Stadium. Tskaltubo team returned to Umaghlesi Liga after 18-years pause.  The team played in Umaghlesi Liga for 11 seasons from the start of the first championship until 2002. The 80s are considered to be the most successful in the history of Samgurali. Tskaltubo became the champions of Georgia in 1983, 1985 and 1989. In 1986 the team became ice-Champion and in 1987 it won Bronze Medals. In 1989, Samgurali won the Georgian championship under the leadership Gari Sordia and defeated Tskhinvali Spartak in the cup final. Samgurali held the best season in the Georgian National Championship in 1992/93, when he finally took the fourth place in the tournament table. Tskaltubo was close to the trophy in the 1998/99 Cup final, but lost in penalties. Varlam Festvenidze has played the most matches in the history of the team (144), and Merab Megreladze became the best scorer with 41 goals scored in one season.


Coach and Samgurali

 Samgurali has been headed by Ucha Sosiashvili, a young Georgian football specialist since the fall of 2019. His team reached the cup final last season, where they lost to Gagra in a penalty shootout. In the National League, he was promoted to the playoff victory with Sachkhere Chikhura.


Dinamo - Samgurali | Head to head

These teams have played 19 matches during their history. From them our team won 15 matches, lost one and one match finished with draw. The goal difference is 64/11 in favor of our team.

Dinamo won with the big score for 10 times. The match in the first championship held on June 16 finished with the score 7:1. Gia Guruli and Kakha Katcharava performed double. Besides them Gocha Chikovani, Zaza Revshvili and Kakhi Gogichaishvili also scored. Dinamo defeated the rival with the same score on November 19, 1999. Rati Aleksidze (2), Klimenti Tsitaishvili (2), Mikheil Ashvetia, Irakli Vashakidze and Giorgi Shengelia scored.  The biggest different in score was recorded on May 22, 1995, when Dinamo won with 7 unanswered goals. Giorgi demetradze (2), Aleksandre Iashvili, Giorgi Kiknadze, Gocha Jamarauli, Levan Kipiani and Levan Tskitishvili scored.  Dinamo won with the score 6:90 twice. The first was on August 1, 1996 when Levan Kobiashvili, Levan Khomeriki and Gela Inalishvili performed doubles and on May 23, 1999 when Mikheil Ashvetia (2), Giorgi Kiknadze, Amiran Mujiri, Rati Aleksidze and Zura Khizanishvili scored.  The score 4:0 was recorded twice. On May 30, 1991 Gia Jishkariani, Kakha Katcharava, Shota Arveladze and Mikheil Kavelashvili scored. On December 1, 1994 Aleksandre Iashvili performed hattrick and Gocha Jamarauli also scored. The only match Dinamo lost with Samgurali was held on Nomebre 29, 1991. The match finished with the score 1:2. Mikheil Kavelashvili scored. The score 2:1 was recorded between these teams for four times.

The last match between these teams was held on April 26, 2017. Dinamo and Samgurali scompeted on Georgian Cup 1/8 final and our team won the match with the score 2:0. Beka Mikeltadze and Bachana Arabuli scored.

Referee and disqualified players

The match will be judged by Bakur Ninua. G. Elikashvili and B. Zhvania will be his assistants. A. Aptsiiauri will be the fourth official. Due to disqualification, Samgurali players Shalva Burjanadze, Alexander Verulidze and Lukman Gilmore will miss the match.

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