Dinamo finished the camp

FC Dinamo Tbilisi played the last match on camp in Turkey against FC Dinamo Kiev. This was the last match for both teams. Dinamo’s president Roman Pipia also attended the match. The match went on in high speed and there were many good moments to score. In the first match Ukrainian footballers controlled the ball more and they created the first attack as well. Roin Kvaskhvadze repelled the ball in the last moment. Giorgi Kutsia and Davit Kobouri played well but their attacks weren’t followed with goals. Dinamo’s Slovakian forward Orshula played actively. On 24th minute FC Dinamo Kiev opened the score. Kedziora scored. Kvaskhvadze reached the ball but the ball had crossed door line already. Dinamo Kiev won the first half. In the second half Kakha Chkhetiani made several changes and our team started playing actively, although received the goal. Rusin kicked exactly after counter attack. Tornike Akhvlediani, Irakli Bughridze and Brazilian Pernambuku played actively. In the end of the match Dinamo gained chance to kick penalty, although Giorgi Kukhianidze missed the target. Finally FC Dinamo Kiev won the match with the score 2:0. Our team finished the camp with this match. Tomorrow footballers will train and leave for the homeland in the evening. On February 23 FC Dinamo Tbilisi will compete for Georgian Super Cup against FC Saburtalo.  


Dinamo Tbilisi 0-2 Dinamo Kiev

Dinamo Tbilisi: Kvaskhvadze, Trubochkin, Gbegnon, Sandokhadze, Kobouri, Papava, Ninua, Kutsia, Kimadze, Pangop, Orshula

Substitutes: Akhvlediani, Iashvili, Zaria, Lochoshvili, Kardava, Bughridze, Kukhianidze, Pernambuku, Kalandadze, Perales

Dinamo Kiev: Bushchan, Popov, Sydorchuk, Verbic, Shepeliev, Mykolenko, Buialskyi, Shabanov, Rusyn, Kedziora, Poulsen

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