Dinamo - Wit Georgia | Before the match

On December 1 Erovnuli Liga last round match will take place. FC Dinamo Tbilisi will hist FC Wit Georgia at Dinamo Arena. The match will start at 16:00.


Our Rival

FC Wit Georgia appeared in Georgian national championship in 1997/1998 season. The main symbols of the club are in green and white colors. Wit Georgia plays home matches in Mtskheta at Mtskheta Park which is for 2000 spectators. The club which was established in the end of 1997 replaced FC Morkinali in Umaghlesi Liga. After 3 years the club won its first medal. In 1999/2000 season Wit Georgia appeared on the second place in Georgian national championship and won silver medals. After that the club managed to play on Euro arena every year. Wit Georgia played on European tournaments in 2010/2011 for the last time. Our rival competed with Czech FC Banik Ostrava at UEFA Europa League and lost with the score 0:6 in two legs (0:6; 0:0). Wit Georgia achieved the biggest success in its history in 2003/2004 season when it won national championship and got its first trophy. Veterinaries had the same result in 2008/2009 season. In 2009/2010 season Wit Georgia won Davit Kipiani Cup. 12 000 people attended the match at Dinamo Arena in which Wit Georgia competed with Dinamo Tbilisi in Davit Kipiani final match. Our team lost the match with minimal score 0:1. In 2009 these teams competed in Super Cup final. The match which was held at Foladi Stadium in Rustavi finished in draw-1:1 but Wit Georgia managed to score during additional time and our team lost the match with the score 1:2. FC Wit Georgia left Umaghlesi Liga in 2015 and returned back in the current season. Wit Georgia is on the last place in the table and will play in Liga-2 in the next season.


Coach and Wit Georgia

Vladimer Khachidze is the head coach of FC Wit Georgia since January, 2019. Our rival has 20 points gained in 35 matches and is on the 10th place in the table.  


Dinamo - Wit Georgia | Head to head

Matches between these teams have always been very principle and tense that is reflected on statistics as well. From 54 played matches our team has defeated Wit Georgia for 22 times and lost for 13 times. 19 matches finished in draw. The goal difference is 69/42 in favor of our team. 10 matches finished without scored goals. 1:0 is the most popular result of these teams as 14 matches finished with this score. On November 25, 2000 Dinamo Tbilisi defeated Wit Georgia with 4 goal difference in XII national championship XV round match. On November 17, 2001 Dinamo lost the home match with the score 2:5 in XIII national championship XVI round.

The last match between these teams took place on September 15, 2019 at Mikheil Meskhi-2 and finished with the victory of our team-3:0. Levan Kutalia, Nodar Kavtaradze and Nika Ninua scored.

Referee and disqualified footballers

Papuna Matcharadze will be referee. D.Gabisonia and L.Varamashvili will be his assistants. G.Kruashvili will be the fourth official. Wit Georgia player Luka Janelidze will miss the match because of disqualification.

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