Dinamo finished the camp with victory

Today, Dinamo players played the last, sixth test match at the Turkish camp and won with the big score. Moldovan Bălți rivaled our team, and the score was 4-0 in favor of Dinamo in the last match of the camp. The head coach of the Georgian youth national team - Ramaz Svanadze attended the match held in Lara.


The match started with Dinamo's activity, and it can be said that 90 minutes were played with their playing and territorial advantage. In the first half, despite many scoring opportunities, only one successful shot was made against Moldavians. Dominique Simon, the French midfielder of our team, took advantage of the addition accurately and technically. In the second half, the advantage of our team became more clear - first, Davit Gotsiridze, who came in as a substitute, increased the score with a header, and then, with a precise shot, the difference was increased to three by the Lithuanian legionnaire of Dinamo, Danielis Romanovskis. Another newcomer put an end to the match with quick dribbling and a measured shot - the fourth goal was scored by Guatemalan Oscar Santis, who actively played the entire match and was distinguished by an effective assist in addition to the goal. Dinamo won 4-0 and will leave for home tomorrow.


Andres Carrasco's team will prepare at Dighomi training ground before the start of the championship, and will hold the first round match on March 2 at Dinamo Arena, against FC Samgurali Tskaltubo.


Dinamo 4-0 Bălți


Dinamo: Makatsaria, Kalandadze, Akpudje, Haruna, Maisuradze, Osikmashvili, Simon, Romanovskis, Santis, Sikharulashvi, Salia

Substitutes: Salukvadze, Ugrekhelidze, Lominadze, Gotsoridze, Kverenchkhiladze





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