Dinamo 2-3 Arda

FC Dinamo Tbilisi played the second friendly match in Turkey against PFC Arda. Before the match footballers paid condolences to people died in the earthquake in Turkey. The match started with the activity of both teams. In the beginning Dinamo created several attacks and kicked for several times but without result. In response Bulgarians also created attack but Omar Migineishvili played well. In the middle of the half Delev kicked exactly. Dinamo’s goalkeeper repelled dangerous kick ins everal minutes and then door log saved our team. In the second half PFC Arda kicked penalty, but Migineishvili repelled it. Soon Vasilev benefited from the mistake of Dinamo’s defense and scored the second goal. In several minutes Rumenov kicked the third goal. Dinamo tried to do its best. Tornike Akhvlediani attacked alone and deceived several footballers, but failed to score in the last minute. Although in the next episode he received ball from Giorgi Kukhianidze and scored. During the last minutes Tamaz Babunadze scored the second goal with penalty. Dinamo minimized the score but didn’t have time to win. Our team will play the next sparring on January 30 against FC Wisla Krakow.

Dinamo 2-3 Arda


Dinamo: Migineishvili, Trubochnik, Sandokhadze, Kobouri, Iashvili, Ninua, Kutsia, Kardava, Kimadze, Bughridze, Kapanadze

The second half: Atskureli, Kalandadze, Mekvabishvili, Akhvlediani, Papava, Babunadze, Jangidze, Mujiri, Kukhianidze, Zaria, Moistsrapishvili 

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