What did the press write? Dinamo 2: 1 Carl Zeiss

Dinamo Tbilisi was considered one of the top teams in Europe during the Soviet Union. That is why it is interesting what the local and international press wrote about Dinamo or what the famous people said.

Live.ge offers the rubric "What did the press write?" Based on archival materials. Here you will find reviews of famous or unknown, successful or unsuccessful matches of Dinamo.


Cup Winners Cup Final

Dinamo 2: 1 Carl Zeiss

Dusseldorf,  Rheinstadion. May 13, 1981

Goals: Daraselia, Gutsaev, Hoppe


“Zaria Vostoka

"The already tense tension of the match is gradually increasing, it is felt that the parties are avoiding mistakes, they are acting carefully in defense, because they understand that any inaccuracy can be fatal."




"Dinamo’s staff of coaches led by N. Akhalkatsi, prepared the team brilliantly for the final match. The Soviet players, who have high physical training, excelled with sophisticated techniques, which allowed them to cope with the most vigilant, close guardianship of rivals, showed right tactics and, most importantly, loyalty, combined football, which can be said to give pleasure to all spectators. All Soviet players deserved high marks for this game, but a particularly important mission on the field was performed by David Kipiani, who was in charge of  the attack, Daraselia was attacking fiercely, defense played exactly."


“Sovetsky Sport”

"Yes, we have been waiting for this victory for exactly 6 years, we hoped to find a club, players and coaches who are not afraid of famous professionals. The people fromTbilisi have become such a team. Dinamo proved that the success of the Kiev teammates on the Cup was not accidental and with the preparation of the season, we will be able to compete not only in the winter and early spring, but also to defeat the best representatives of football. On the way to the final, the residents of Tbilisi defeated the strong clubs of England and Netherlands. And here’s the last, noticeable point. It was put in a tense battle with strong players of the German Democratic Republic. "



"Three minutes before the start of the regular time, Daraselia, after excellent dribbling, decided the fate of the final match of the XXI European Cup Winners' Cup."



"What the combined game did not do was possible thanks to individual actions. Thanks to Daraselia's individual game, 3 minutes before the final whistle, when both the spectators and the players were in extra time, Dinamo players were able to win the cup."


"Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung"

The coach of "Carl Zeiss" described the Georgian players as "distinguished by individual game and technique". Some players from Tbilisi fought diligently until the end of the match. What Daraselia, Chivadze and Kipiani could do with the ball would be honorable for any Bundesliga player.”

"Saarbrucken Zeitung"

"The roots of the victory of the Soviet players lie, first of all, in their technical advantage."

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