Shota Arveladze’s master class at Dinamo academy

Shota Arveladze visited Dinamo Tbilisi Academy and held a master class in the U-17 team.

Shota Arveladze: „I have not been on the field for almost 9 months and I am glad that I was given the opportunity to train with the coach and players of the U-17 team at Dinamo Academy. It was nice to be with them on the pitch and I got a lot of emotional filling We should offer this generation, and especially the adolescents, more than we can afford today. Talented people need to have more opportunities, and the same is in football - we need to offer more and give them more chances to develop. I thank the head coach, Vakho Iagorashvili and the team leaders for the opportunity to be at the academy and get involved in training. Thanks guys for training and I look forward to their big steps towards great football.”

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