Unprecedented fact in the history of Georgian football

The projects implemented by Jesi Surmava for years for the development of Martvili Football School and football in the Samegrelo region, in general, were submitted to the UEFA by Georgian Football Federation. UEFA recognized the project submitted by the Georgian Football Federation among the member states as the best in Europe and awarded Jesi Surmava with the highest prize – Gold Medal.


Jesi Surmava: GFF has done much for the presentation of Martvili Football School project. As we know nomination on gold medal is unprecedented fact and lays big responsibility on us in the future.

I want to thank people who did their best for such result and helped me in systemic development of football school. Under systemic development I mean development of massive football, infrastructure, increasing number of children stage by stage during years. 

We were supported on every stage of development, that increased our potential. In 2018 starting cooperation with FC Dinamo Tbilisi was the most important support for us. This doubled number of children in our school and gained regional status to our academy.

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