U15 team played friendly match

Dinamo academy U15 team hosted Fc Yunost Vladikavkaz U16 team and defeated it with the score 4:1 in a friendly match. The guest team will stay in Georgia for several days and play one match with Vasil Geguchadze’s team. Our team had great priority in this match that is reflected on the final score as well. Khorkheli, Sherozia and Karaev (2) scored.



U15 Dinamo Tbilisi 4-1 Yunost Vladikavkaz U16


U15 Dinamo: Iobashvili, Makharadze, Gobeshia, Khorkheli, surmava, Karaev, tsetskhladze, Sigua, Bolotashvili, Ukleba, Parkadze

Bench: Bachilava, Mamiseishvili, Lobzhanidze, Sherozia, Vibliani

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