Draw against Siroki Brijeg

FC Dinamo Tbilisi played the third friendly match on camp in Turkey today. Our team competed with Bosnian team Siroki Brijeg. The match was very interesting. Our team had chance to score in the beginning of the match, although goalkeeper managed to repel Levan Kutalia’s kick.  In response Abdel Medioub played well while saved his team. On 26th minute Levan Kutalia kicked but ball overcame the door. In ten minutes Levan Shengelia missed chance to score. In the end of the first half Siroki Brijeg’s forward kicked from short distance, but missed the target. In the next episode Levan Kutalia scored a beautiful goal with header, although referee didn’t record the goal. Levan Shengelia and Nodar iashvili played well in this combination. In the second half Dinamo gained more priority and created several moments to score. On 50th minute Nodar Iashvili kicked but ball touched defender’s hand and referee continued the match without penalty. In two minute Levan Shengelia missed the target. After that Fran Carbia played well and Giorgi Kukhianidze continued his attack but goalkeeper repelled. Fran Carbia had two chances to score, but missed the target a bit in both cases. In all Dinamo had great priority in the second half, although the match finished without goals. Luka Kapianidze and Antonia Rojani missed today’s match because of injuries again.


Dinamo Tbilisi 0:0 Siroki Brijeg


Dinamo Tbilisi: Sikach, Rukhaia, Mongil (Kobouri 75), Medioub (Dzotsenidze 78’), Iashvili (Gabitashvili 83), Ivanisenya (Ninua 68), Zaria (Papava 46), Shulaia (Carbia 50), Shengelia (Ergemlidze 70), Kukhianidze (Kardava 61), Kutalia

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