Dinamo is in 1/8 final

Today Mikheil Meskhi reserve stadium hosted Tbilisi derby. FC Dinamo Tbilisi competed with FC Locomotive in Georgian Cup 1/16 final. The match was very interesting and strained. Dinamo opened the score in the beginning of the match. Nika Dzalamidze scored. He played well against Luka Sherozia and Ucha Lobzhanidze. On 18th minute Buliskeria saved his team from goal. He repelled Davit Jikia’s kick from short distance. In the middle of the first half Dinamo had chance to score again. Mikheil Ergemlidze missed the target. Dmitro Ivanisenia scored the second goal with exact kick. Blue-white team won the first half with the score 2:0. The second half started in favor of the host team. Luka Kikabidze scored on 49th minute. On 58th minute Levan Kharabadze had two chances to score but goalkeeper repelled in the first episode then he missed the target.  After that Dinamo missed two chances to score. Otar Kiteishvili tried to score but Luka Sherozia played well. On 83rd minute Rati Ardazishvili equalized the score. In two minutes Otar Kiteishvili scored the third goal and on 90th minute Mamia Gavashelishvili equalized again. The full time finished with draw 3:3.  

Dinamo started additional time with substitution. Tazo Babunadze substituted Mikheil Ergemlidze. He scored his first goal on 99th minute. On 110th minute Mamia Gavashelishvili attacked but failed to score. In the end of additional time Ardazishvili equalized the score again. Finally penalties were appointed that finished in favor of Dinamo 5:3. Kiteishvili, Totadze, Shulaia, Ninua and Ivanisenia kicked penalties exactly. From Locomotive Samurkasov, Gvalia and Kobakhidze kicked. Buliskeria repelled Tchanturia’s kick. Dinamo moved to 1/8 final. Our team will play the next match on June 17 against FC Saburtalo. 


Locomotive 4:4 (3:5 pen) Dinamo


Goal: 0:1 Ivanisenia 4’  0:2 Ivanisenia 38’  1:2 Kikabidze 49’  2:2 Ardazishvili 83  2:3 O. Kiteishvili 87’  3:3 Gavashelishvili 90’  3:4 Babunadze 99’  4:4 Ardazishvili 120’ 

Booked: Gabadze 29’  Ivanisenia 65’  Shulaia 78’  Tchanturia 92’  Samurkasov 95’  Ubilava 100’  Ninua 103’  Kobakhidze 105’  Gavashelishvili 116’  Buliskeria 119’ 


Locomotive: Sherozia, Dzebniauri (Samurkasov 76), Tchanturia, Jikia (Komakhidze 105), Gavashelishvili, Tsnobiladze (Gvalia 46), Kikabidze (Ardazishvili 65), Lobzhanidze, Gabadze, Ubilava, Kobakhidze

Dinamo: Buliskeria, Rukhaia, Lochoshvili, Totadze, Kobouri, Kutsia (Ninua 70), Ivanisenia, Kharabadze, Ivanisenia (O. Kiteishvili 46), Ivanishvili (Shulaia 26), Ergemlidze (Babunadze 91)


Referee: G. Vadatchkoria

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