Dinamo defeated Neftekhimik

Today FC Dinamo Tbilisi played the first sparring match of the second camp against FC Neftekhimik playing in second division of Russia. Our team won with the score 1:0. The match went on with full priority of Kakhi Kacharava’s team and our team had chance to score more goals. In the beginning Akaki Shulaia and Budu Zivzivadze attacked although missed the target. Our team renewed the second half with attacks and on 56th minute penalty was appointed as a result of Budu Zivzivadze’s good game. Otar Kiteishvili kicked exactly and scored. In the rest of time Dinamo gained big territorial priority and passed several corners but couldn’t score. In the end of the match Sergey Petko kicked but door log saved our rival.


Dinamo 1:0 Neftekhimik

Goal: 1:0 Kiteishvili (pen) 56’


Dinamo: Buliskeria (Goshadze 46), Totadze, Lutsevic, Tukhaia (Petko 46), Kobouri (Kharabadze 76), Kardava, Ivanisenia (Kutsia 76), Shulaia, Kiteishvili, Ivanishvili (Bogunov 76), Zivzivadze (Ergemlidze 76)

Neftekhimik: Malashenko, Komisov, Kibardin, Morozov, Kamenshchikov, Kuznecov, Kanaev, Potapov, Shadrin, Giliazetdinov, Bochkov

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