Sparring against FC Locomotive

FC Dinamo Tbilisi played sparring match against FC Locomotive at Dighomi training ground. The team played with different lineup and mainly footballers from Dinamo U17 and U19 teams played. The reason was many footballers were called in U19 national team from our team. The match finished with the victory of guest team 2:1. All the goals were scored in the first half. Luka Kikabidze opened the score. Mykola Kovtalyuk equalized the score and Giorgi Gorozia recorded the final result of the match. Giorgi Zaria has trauma. He has problems on knee and perhaps he will be operated in the nearest future.


Dinamo 1:2 Locomotive

Dinamo: Litovchenko, Mishenko, Salukvadze, Totadze, Aliyu, Gadran, Ugrekhelidze, Shonia, Kakulia, Liluashvili, Kovtalyuk

Substitutes in the second half: Revishvili, B.Kharshiladze, G.Kharshiladze, Moistsrapishvili, Gabelaia, Basaria

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