Kakhi Gogichaishvili became Dinamo’s head coach

Today at Dinamo Arena Media Hall president of Dinamo Tbilisi Mr. Roman Pipia presented the new head coach of the club-Kakhi Gogichaishvili and spoke about the changes in Dinamo. Roman Pipia and Kakhi Gogichaishvili answered the questions of journalists as well.


Roman Pipia: First of all I greet you all. We want to inform our supporters and society about the changes in Dinamo. It’s time to make important decision. I want to present the new head coach of the club-Kakhi Gogichaishvili. He is real Dinamo member. A bit later but we still return to Dinamo’s  traditions and values. We’ve planned a long-time project that will lead to victory. During these years we did our best to play better against FK Aktobe. The team had very inadequate good conditions compared to Georgian reality. Now I am out of patience. We will give chance to young footballers to start playing better and study to play with each other. Only those players will play in Dinamo who will do their best in the club. These changes aren’t made not only because of the defeat against FK Aktobe. One of the reasons is increasing number of teams up to 16 in national championship. Young footballers won very important tournament in Germany under the leadership of Kakhi Gogichaishvili. If our main team had played in this way we would have better result today. Those who will be worthy will establish themselves in Dinamo.

From legionaries only Xisco will stay in the team. Sport manager Irakli Vashakidze left his position. We aren’t going to appoint anyone on this position in the nearest future. I want Kakhi and his team to decide who will come and who will live Dinamo. Neither Loria will stay in the team. He is a good goalkeeper and will easily find the club. We agreed with Michal Bilek and he left the club. From now on there will be low salaries and high bonuses in Dinamo.

Kakhi Gogichaishvili: I want to thank the president for such high confidence. We know that we have to do much. Dinamo changed his course and we will build a new team. Loria, Khurtsilava, Khidesheli, Dosoudil, Kvirkvelia, Gorgiashvili, Garcia, Grigalashvili, Jorda, Merebashvili, Martsvaladze and Vouho left the team. Those who will be the best prepared and motivated will play in Dinamo. In the nearest future I will get information about the players who are on lease. In several days the championship starts and the main thing is to start playing together. Suliko Davitashvili, Zurab Kvachakhia and Gela Chanturia will help me. Bondo Gotsiridze will be the physical coach at this stage.


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