Victory in the last match

FC Dinamo Tbilisi played the last match on the camp against FC Arsenal Tula and gained victory 1:0. The match started with the victory of our team and on the sixth minute the first dangerous moment was created. Budu Zivzivadze played well but goalkeeper saved his team. Bakar Kardava also kicked but missed the target. In the middle of the half Zivzivadze attacked form right wing, gave an exact pass to Levan Kharabadze but Arsenal’s defender played well. In the next episode our team had chance to score. Davit Kobouri received the ball and kicked with header but missed the target. The first half finished with Dinamo’s priority. Our team managed to score in the second half. On 63rd minute Budu Zivzivadze gave exact pass to Otar Kiteishvili who scored. In the end of the match Arsenal’s footballers had two moments to score but failed and the match finished with Dinamo’s victory-1:0.

Dinamo finished the first camp. Tomorrow the team will arrive in Tbilisi and from February 11 the second camp will start in Turkey again.


Dinamo 1:0 Arsenal

Goal: 1:0 Kiteishvili 63’


Dinamo: Buliskiria, Rukhaia, Kobouri, Totadze, Letsevich, Kardava (Kutsia 46), Ivanisenya, Ivanishviili, Kiteishvili (Ninua 88), Kharabadze (Ergemlidze 90), Zivzivadze

Arsenal: Levashov (Berezian 46), Denisov (Beliaev 67), Khagush (Kombarov 46), Novoselcev, Aleksandrov (Alvares 67), Ivakin, Buranov (Chaushich 67), Ajoev (Canga 46), Tkachov (Gorbatenko 61), Dziuba, Maksimov (Jorjevich 67)

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