The second place on Sulakvelidze tournament
Today final match of Tengiz Sulakvelidze tournament was held at Bendela stadium on Saburtalo. Dinamo Academy U-12 team and U-13 national team of Georgia competed with each other (5 Dinamo players played in national team). The match finished with the victory of Georgian national team -2:0. Before the final Vladimer Kakashvili’s team defeated Sulakvelidze academy team with the score 6:0. (Guldedava 2, Davitashvili 2, Chachua, Kharshiladze). Our team lost the match with Georgian national team with the score 0:1 and defeated Kazakh team with the score 2:1. (Maghaldadze, Moistsrapishvili).
Zuka Davitashvili became the best midfielder of the the tournament. Dima Buleskiria beame the best goalkeeper and Tazo Babunadze  who scored in the final match became bombardier .
 Dinamo U-12 team played with the following lineup in the final match:
Dinamo-U12: Kharshiladze, Gabelia, Mekvabishvili, Chavchanidze, Jangidze, Maghaldadze, Kharshildze, Guldedava, Iakobidze, Davitashvili, Chachua
Substitutes: Jichonaia, Moistsrapishvili and Chikovani


Tomorrow at 15:00 final match of the tournament will take place at bendela stadium. The first and the second squads of Dinamo Academy-11 teams (Coaches: Vladimer Gochashvili and Revaz Gvarakidze) will compete with each other.

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